27 abril 2011

Sneak Peek

Hey girls! I have an awesome new for you! I will stay at MSCRAPS definily! Yeah!
I am so happy!!So I decided to make an amazing BAG for you. It's huge, with 4 brand new packs.. See a little sneak. Coment here to have a chance to win. If you post on facebook or twitter you will double your chances. See you on friday!!
Kisses Deca

11 comentários:

Mari Liess 27 de abril de 2011 22:27  

Congrats for the new store! I love your products! ♥

Cris Caexeta 27 de abril de 2011 22:43  

Parabéns, Deca! O novo kit parece ser mesmo lindão!

Lor 27 de abril de 2011 22:54  

OMG! This bag looks wonderful and packed with loads of yumminess! Count me in please!

I'm so glad I found your blog, I'm in luv with your creations!!! Had to sign up for your newletter too! :-)

If I don't win I will be checkin' out that bag and your shoppe for sure!

Thanx! :-)

terese 28 de abril de 2011 03:16  

great news! congrats!

Krisz 28 de abril de 2011 03:37  

Great kit! Thank you for the chane! :)

DoggiNo 28 de abril de 2011 04:16  

So happy you're staying at MScraps !! See you there ;)

Eni 28 de abril de 2011 05:52  

How wonderful!
Love the idea that you stay at my favorite place!

Thanks for the chance!
Btw - the sneak looks great! Love these colors.

SandyPie 28 de abril de 2011 18:07  

Oh! Love those colors!! Can't wait till to see what's in there, winner or not!

Yanina 28 de abril de 2011 21:46  

Congratulations! Thanks for the chance.

France 1 de maio de 2011 00:14  

I am so excited you are staying @ MScraps! You already know that, but I wanted to MAKE SURE!!! I bought your Grab Bag and I LOOOOVE IT!!!!!

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