10 março 2011

New CU release!! And a CU FREEBIE.

Hi girls. I want to show you my new pack of CU flowers. This one are perfect to use in your kits.. I love spring, I love flowers. This set comes with solids and with the stroke line version of the flowers. In a PNG and ABR format. It also comes with a colorized chalk version, that you can use as it is or change the colors to fit your designs. The possibilities are endless. You can use for patterns, stamps. Use your imagination. It will be available at TLP, DSB and MSCRAPS. I hope you like it.
Kisses Deca

And here is a little sample for you.. Download it HERE

14 comentários:

(ms,) Michael 10 de março de 2011 19:45  

So beautiful!!! And thank you for the freebie! :-)

Sandy_in_MD 10 de março de 2011 19:48  

Great brush set - thank you for the matching freebie!

kokotte,  10 de março de 2011 19:50  

Thank you so much for this great freebie!!

Ana 10 de março de 2011 20:42  

Lindo free!!!
Ameiiii... obrigada!;)

Cjournet13 11 de março de 2011 06:09  

thank you so much for these lovely flowers !

adriana outeiro,  11 de março de 2011 06:34  

Lindas flores!! Obrigada
pelo freebie.

Monica 11 de março de 2011 07:17  

The flowers are beautiful!
Thanks so much :D

An 11 de março de 2011 07:43  

Thank you for the beautiful freebie!

Anônimo,  11 de março de 2011 08:42  

Thanks a lot for the beautiful freebie

Wendy 11 de março de 2011 10:48  

Thank you Ma'am...off to buy the whole kit. I have lots of Texas wildflower photos and these will go perfectly with them. It's wildflower season in our part of the world, woohoo.

Esther -who lives in the 11 de março de 2011 19:22  

Thanks for offering this great freebie!

Simply Sarah 11 de março de 2011 21:01  

oh... you make the prettiest flowers! Thanks for the small sample. These are on my wishlist. have a wonderful and safe weekend.

barbara 30 de março de 2011 06:20  

This looks like a really cute kit! Love the colors!

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