17 outubro 2010

Sneak Peek and a guess game..

Hi girls.. I am so happy. I was invited to do a collab with an amazing designer. You will agree with me. She rocks. And she is so sweet. So I will show a little sneak peek so you may try to guess who is this designer. Oh. And those, who guess who is she, will have the name duplicated in the draw. And don't forget to subscribe my newsletter and like my page at facebook. Who knows? A freebie can pop in there...Kisses Deca

11 comentários:

Cris Caexeta 17 de outubro de 2010 21:46  

Eu acho que é com a Anita Designs!

Ana.Paula 18 de outubro de 2010 12:44  

me too... eu acho q com a Anita!

DoggiNo 18 de outubro de 2010 16:07  

You've done a awesome collab with Anita before, so maybe you did that again ! :)

v 18 de outubro de 2010 18:11  

Oh, my guess was Anita too, but she has another sneek-peak on her blog, so .... maybe it's someone else ... maybe ... maybe .... oh, i don't know. There are so many talented girls.
I will wait and see!

Lime 19 de outubro de 2010 00:35  

I'm guessing Leora Sanford.


Monica A.,  19 de outubro de 2010 10:21  

I was going to say Anita too, but I read V's comment and now I don't know...

Thanks for the chance anyway!!

Anônimo,  20 de outubro de 2010 02:28  

Maybe Kristin Aagard ? It looks beautiful!

Anônimo,  20 de outubro de 2010 11:43  

Not easy to find! I would say Leora Sanford ?

Denise Umlauf 20 de outubro de 2010 21:53  

Vou chutar a Leora Sanford também :) Amei o preview !

Yanina 21 de outubro de 2010 01:01  

I will have to go with Leora Sanford. Thanks for the chance.

SandyPie 21 de outubro de 2010 11:05  

Ok not that I have any idea at all, but I'm going to guess KSharonK. It looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see the reveal!

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