25 outubro 2010

RAK Results!!

OH!! This one was easy, hun?? You worked fast on this. So who said Ange did it right! She is amazing and so talented. And this is our Revolution. What did change your life? A kid, your marriage or just something about yourself decision!! Scrap the changes about your life. I hope you like it. It is available at TLP,DSB and LDD.

And who said Ange has a double chance to win this amazing Collab. So the winner is:

"V", please email me at dmnroloarrobahotmaildotcom to get your prize. Thanks for playing with me. Kisses Deca

1 comentários:

v 26 de outubro de 2010 14:38  

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, 'V' ... that's me!!!!
Thank you mister Random,
thank you very much :)


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