14 junho 2010

And the winner is..

All who said it was my wedding anniversary were correct!! I had a great time just enjoying my husband in a beatiful place!.. We celebrated 13 years together.. And it was awesome!!! I hope I can celebrate more 13 years..
And the lucky girl is Rebecca!! Thanks for play with me! Kisses Deca! Rebecca I need your e-mail!!

2 comentários:

Rebecca 14 de junho de 2010 17:12  

OMG! Wow!!! I am so excited! And Congratulations!!! My husband and I just celebrated our 14th a couple of weeks ago! I hope you had a fantastic day!! ((hugs))

G. Cavalcante 15 de junho de 2010 15:30  

congrats, Rebecca!
and hope you and your hubby could be even more happy then you already are.


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