11 março 2010

New CU releases and a tutorial.

Hi.. I'm so busy this week.. But still have time to do a tutorial for you..
When I started to create my CU Patterned Overlays, I had a complaint from a buyer who could not change the original colors of it. I'll show you how to do an "Extreme Makeover" in that pattern (PNG file) or even in that element that does not fit on your page and you want to use .. When he has only one color it's easy, but what to do if it has more than one color? How? So let's do it!
1-Open the file of your pattern/element and duplicate the image. Click OK. Select the layer of the pattern/element and if you need rasterize it.


3-Leave the Colorize box unmarked. By default will be selected: EDIT=MASTER.

4-Click on the arrow next to this and choose a different color from the one you want to change. I always choose the CYAN. Why I have to do this? To let the program specify the exact color that you want to change.

5-You will notice that instead of MASTER in the box is selected the CYAN. Do not worry .. The color to be edited is not that .. I know .. Now with the dropper you will click right on the color you chose to change.

6-In the box, now is written REDS2 (Who could guess that my brown would be edited from REDS!.The Selection with the dropper is to enable the program to choose the exact color that you want to change!)

7-Now comes the best part. Slide the HUE little arrow and see your brown turn into another color!

8-You can also change the saturation and brightness .. Use your imagination..

9-Click OK.

10-If you want to change another color of your element close the box and just start from step 2. You'll have a completely different element from the original ..

So that's it girls. I hope you have understood .. And now? How about starting to practice? Any questions just shout! See my new releases for this friday. They will be available at TLP, DSB and this month in DSC. I hope you like.. Kisses Deca
PS.. Please excuse my english mistakes..

8 comentários:

Lisa 12 de março de 2010 02:41  

Thanks for the tutorial. I love it..!

CraftCrave 12 de março de 2010 09:35  

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave.com in the Tutorials category today [12 Mar 10:52am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

LifeAsDINKers (Ava-J) 6 de março de 2011 10:25  

I've had trouble changing colors...thank you for your easy tutorial and the freebies! Hugs!

Monica 6 de março de 2011 10:38  

OOHH!! came to say thanks for the newsletter gift and found the tutorial, really useful, thanks so much for both :D

BlueCat 6 de março de 2011 10:57  

Thank you very much for the newsletter freebie.

Flavia Salim 6 de março de 2011 11:07  

Obrigada, finalmente vou conseguir mudar as cores do jeito certo!!

Cris Caexeta 6 de março de 2011 15:40  

Valeu, Deca! Adorei o tutorial e já estou aqui brincando de trocar tudo de cor!!!

France 12 de março de 2011 23:25  

Thank you for the tutorial!

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