01 fevereiro 2010

CT / Guest call and something NEW!!

Hi! Finally back from holidays. So I'm starting the year right now and what about a new fresh CT for starting the new year? Send your e-mail to decadesigns@ hotmail.com. I want to hear from you! Don't forget to link your galleries..

My stores are Two Little Pixels and Digiscrappers Brasil

And here is a little sneak peek from my new kit that it will be released on next friday. Be sure to come back to see all my new stuffs. I have a lot of new kits. I work a little bit during my holidays.Kisses Deca

3 comentários:

Mar :-) 1 de fevereiro de 2010 11:51  

Eu tou interessada!!! \o/
Obrigada pela oportunidade querida!!

by Flávia 1 de fevereiro de 2010 21:46  

Enviei um email!!!tô aqui torcendo!!!

Dina 2 de fevereiro de 2010 15:38  

Que bom que está de volta, Deca!!!!
Boa sorte no novo CT call!!!

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